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Conferences and symposiums CANCELLED: Educational congress 2020 - Lifelong learning

24-03-2020 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Campus Solna Aula Medica
Lifelong learning.

The expansion of new knowledge is enormous in the health care sector, biomedicine and beyond. How can we stimulate our student's lifelong learning? And how can we as faculty continue to stay relevant? The topic of Karolinska Institutet's 16th Educational congress is Lifelong learning.

There are many faces and facets of lifelong learning and the Educational congress will address a few. Bring you from best practice around the globe to best practise at home, from knowledge to skills, from an individual to organisational perspective, from your own learning to facilitation of learning of others, from formal to informal education and all the way back again.

Most of all we aspire to nurture your curiosity for learning, bring you skills to stay on top and connect you with people who can make you stronger.

Program and registration

More information about the Educational congress 2020 here.