Lectures and seminars Webinar - Prof. Ken Chien

08-06-2022 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Campus Solna A0812, level 8 Biomedicum

Towards regenerating the human heart with mRNA and stem cell technology.

Speaker: Professor Kenneth Chien

Date: June 8

Time: 3 PM

Room: A0812 (level 8 Biomedicum) or via Zoom https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/63676413174

Title:  "Towards regenerating the human heart with mRNA and stem cell technology"


Recent advances in stem cell and mRNA technology are ushering in a new approach for regenerative medicine in general, and cardiac diseases, in particular.  This webinar will describe core advances in the large-scale generation human embryonic stem cell derived heart ventricular progenitors towards rebuilding fully functional human ventricular muscle grafts in large animals following myocardial injury. New data will be presented regarding their advantages in regards to migration, proliferation, fibrosis, and the prevention of triggering life-threatening arrythmias versus conventional transplantation of differentiated cardiomyocytes.  In parallel, an update on how core advances in mRNA technology are offering new approaches for local regenerative therapeutics, such as VEGF mRNA, to improve cardiac function in the setting of heart dysfunction and failure.  A discussion of the rapidly evolving advances in mRNA delivery, stability, endosomal escape, and new directions to intersect the approach with stem cell technology will be presented.  A projection on how these two technology platforms of mRNA and stem cell technology may converge to foster a new generation of regenerative therapeutics will follow.