Lectures and seminars Seminar: Porosome-mediated cell secretion with Bhanu P. Jena

09-09-2022 11:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Peter Reichard, Solnavägen 9, Solna, Floor 3

Welcome to attend a seminar with Professor Bhanu P. Jena, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit & Director, Molecular Medicine Institute, Boston, on 9th September. No registration required.


"Porosome-mediated cell secretion".


Professor Bhanu P. Jena.


Lars Larsson, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.

Bhanu P. Jena’s Research

Secretion is a fundamental process through which cells communicate with their environment and exchange information in a multicellular context to reach homeostasis and sustain life. The nanoscale transmembrane cup-shaped lipoprotein structure discovered by Prof. Jena and named the ‘porosome’ has since the original discovery in 1996, been implicated in a wide range of secretory events, including the release of exosome-like vesicular bodies.


Lars Larsson Professor