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St. Erik Eye Hospital Eye Center of Excellence, Aulan plan -1, St Erik Eye Hospital and online

Division of Eye and Vision welcomes you to a research seminar hosted by Research Group Pete Williams. Speaker of the seminar is Frank Sengpiel, Professor of Neuroscience, Head of Neuroscience Division at Cardiff University, UK.

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Title: What does the retrosplenial cortex do? Visual responses and visuospatial memory engrams

The Sengpiel lab studies the mechanisms of normal development and plasticity of the primary visual cortex (V1). Research over the past 20 years has identified a large number of molecules and pathways that are involved in developmental plasticity as well as in the regulation of the critical period during which the cortex is particularly susceptible to being shaped by sensory experience and indeed requires appropriate experience to develop normally.

Recently, visuospatial processing and visuospatial memory in the retrosplenial cortex (RSC) have become a major focus of research in the Sengpiel lab. The RSC has emerged as a key brain area supporting episodic and topographical memory in humans as well as spatial memory in rodents.

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May 17 12.00, Eye Center of Excellence, Aulan plan -1, St Erik Eye Hospital. Lunch sandwich, coffee/tea will be served from 11.50.

You can also join by Zoom Meeting ID: 626 1788 7269 Passcode: 390485


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