Conferences and symposiums Precision Medicine Breast Cancer Symposium

16-09-2022 8:00 am Add to iCal
Other World Trade Center

The objectives of this symposium is precision medicine today and in ten years time, with focus on breast cancer. It includes improving our understanding of breast cancer biology and will increase our knowledge on how to treat breast cancer patients. Furthermore, we also aim to communicate the latest developments and future predictive markers of breast cancer.

The symposium is multidisciplinary, oriented towards physicians, researchers, pathologists and others involved in the understanding, analysis, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer.

You will hear a distinguished group of oncology experts give cutting-edge presentations on Precision Medicine Breast Cancer and other relevant therapy-predictive factors. These are highly topical issues and the data presented will undoubtedly inspire much discussion and interaction between presenters and participants alike.

We invite you to join us in Stockholm – to contribute to this Precision Medicine Breast Cancer Symposium and help advance the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.