Lectures and seminars MEB Seminar: Arvid Sjölander

23-10-2020 11:00 am Add to iCal
Campus Solna Zoom: https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/9876864107
Portrait of Arvid Sjölander

Speaker: Arvid Sjölander
Title: E-values

Most epidemiological studies aim to estimate the causal effect of a particular exposure on a particular outcome. Recently, the so-called “E-value” was proposed, as a tool to assess the sensitivity of obtained estimates to unmeasured confounding. The E-value has quickly become very popular, and is today often recommended (or even demanded!) by reviewers. In this presentation we will review the definition of the E-value, and illustrate its application with a real data example. We will also clarify some important methodological points, which have not been addressed in previous literature. Finally, we will discuss potential limitations of the E-value, and review recent criticism of the method.




Arvid Sjölander Principal researcher