Other Internal deadline for applications: Cancerfonden/the Swedish Cancer Society

29-04-2022 3:00 pm Add to iCal

Applications for Cancerfonden/the Swedish Cancer Society require a signature by BankID from both the applicant and the head of department, in this case Patrik Magnusson.

For your application, please enter Patrik.Magnusson@ki.se for the signature. We have set the internal deadline on Friday April 29 at 15:00 as the actual deadline is Monday May 2. Please plan your application work accordingly, as you need the signature from Patrik before you can sign it yourself. 

As usual, get approval for your budget by Ann Almqvist before asking for a signature by the head of department. 

Any questions, please contact Gunilla Sonnebring. 


Patrik Magnusson Principal Researcher