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16-09-2022 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Add to iCal
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This workshop provides PhD students with new work strategies and techniques for completing the dissertation on time. During this session, we shift focus from what (the content of your work), to how you work (the work process). You will learn about and apply three tools that support you in increasing your academic productivity as well as managing stress levels.

The three academic productivity tools are:

the 80/20 principle

end product focus

the unit method

In addition: Sharing of best practice among participants

Target group

PhD students at KI

About the speaker

Caroline Uggla, PhD in Evolutionary anthropology (University College London), is a researcher in demography, at SUDA Sociology Department at Stockholm University and Åbo Akademi. She is active in a number of research projects that use Swedish and Finnish register data. Her research examines mainly patterns of family formation and partner choice, along with their consequences. After coming across Finish on Time, Caroline was taken by the techniques and is passionate about making them reach a wider audience. Her daily tools include working in units and the 80/20-principle, which provide both sufficient time for her different projects as well as wellbeing benefits. Caroline is also passionate about academic writing and to continually develop skills not only for what we write as academics, but also how we do it.

This webinar is conducted by Finish on time: Our objective is to help graduate students, postdocs, and other academics to finish their academic work on time and feel good during the process. During the past 12 years we have provided courses on academic productivity and stress management all across Sweden and occasionally abroad. 

Link to the Doctoral Student Handbook: https://finishontime.se/buy-the-book/


KI Career Service, KI Doctoral Students' Association (DSA)


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