Lectures and seminars Brain and Culture lecture: Can Flow Proneness Be Protective Against Mental and Cardiovascular Health Problems?

06-10-2022 2:00 pm Add to iCal
Online Zoom lecture (see details below)

Speaker: Miriam Mosing, Medicinsk epidemiologi och biostatic, Karolinska Institutet
Hosts: Gunnar Bjursell, John Sennett

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Flow is the phenomenon of being “in the zone”, marked by an intense, effortless, and joyful concentration on a task. It has been suggested that flow proneness is associated with good mental and cardiovascular health. However, the design of past studies does not allow for conclusions to be drawn about a potential causal protective effect of flow proneness on health. The present talk will explore the nature of the relationship between flow proneness and health outcomes, primarily focusing on two recent studies utilizing data from the Swedish Twin register and the Swedish National Patient Registries, and provide preliminary support for a protective role of flow experiences on depression and anxiety.


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