Lectures and seminars Back-to-back seminars: ”Circulating tumour DNA to monitor the complexity of cancer” and "Chromatin regulators in cancer"

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Welcome to back-to-back research seminars with Professors Sarah-Jane Dawson and Mark Dawson , University of Melbourne, Australia.

Please note that as both speakers tested positive for Covid-19, the event will be only on Zoom

Use the link: https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/66915781305

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne.
Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, University of Melbourne. Photo: N/A.

”Circulating tumour DNA to monitor the complexity of cancer”

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne.

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson is a clinician-scientist. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 1998, and trained as a medical oncologist in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK. Following postdoctoral studies at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, she returned to Melbourne in 2014 to head the Molecular Biomarkers and Translational Genomics Laboratory at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She also holds a joint appointment with the Centre of Cancer Research at The University of Melbourne (since 2016). Her current research interests are focused on the development of noninvasive blood-based biomarkers ('liquid biopsies') for clinical application, including early detection, risk stratification and disease monitoring in cancer management. The Dawson Lab

Recent selected publications

E. Zozaya-Valdes, S.Q. Wong, J. Raleigh, A. Hatzimihalis, S. Ftouni, A.T. Papenfuss, S. Sandhu, M.A. Dawson, S.J. Dawson*
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Professor Mark Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne.
Professor Mark Dawson, University of Melbourne. Photo: N/A.

”Chromatin regulators in cancer: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities”

Professor Mark Dawson, Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology & Centre for Cancer Research, University of Melbourne. 

Professor Mark Dawson

Professor Mark Dawson is a clinician-scientist and the Associate Director of Research Translation at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 1999, and subsequently trained as a haematologist in Melbourne, Australia. He was awarded a General Sir John Monash Fellowship and Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Fellowship, which he used to complete his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2010. Following his PhD, he was awarded the inaugural Wellcome Trust Beit Prize Fellowship to pursue his research into epigenetic regulation of leukaemia stem cells. He returned to Melbourne in 2014 where his current research interest is studying chromatin regulation in normal development and cancer. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Recent selected publications

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Panel discussion for junior researchers

After the seminar, a panel discussion will take place for junior researchers, students and post-docs, which serves as a great platform to ask questions / discuss cancer-related topics with the speakers.

Registration is required by the 12th of August.

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Also, the speakers are open for one-to-one meetings with PIs and group leaders between the 14th-18th of August. It is arranged by Goncalo Castelo-Branco.