Participants sought for studies Are you a transgender man who wants to share your experiences of menstruation?

We are looking for transgender men or people with trans experience aged 18-29 who want to participate in a study about experiences of menstruation and the menstrual cycle.

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Menstrual health affects the overall health and wellbeing of people who menstruate. Menstrual health research in Sweden has mainly focused on people with symptoms and diagnosis related to their menstrual cycle. Karolinska Institutet is conducting a research project on people’s experiences of menstruation and the menstrual cycle. The purpose of the research project is to explore how menstruation and different phases of the menstrual cycle affect the health and wellbeing of people who menstruate aged 18-29 in Sweden. The purpose is also to identify the need for interventions to promote health and health equity. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

We are currently looking for study participants. Are you 18-29 years old, transgender man or have trans experience and experience of menstruation and want to share your experiences of menstruation?

This is an interview study, and each interview is estimated to take around 60 minutes. The interview can be held face to face in a private setting, via phone or a digital platform.

If you are interested in participating in the study or if you have questions regarding the study please contact Anna Wängborg, Eva Åkerman eller Maria Persson.

Anna Wängborg, phone: 0733-994302
Eva Åkerman,
Maria Persson,

Project Team: Anna Wängborg, PhD student, Midwife, Master in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health, Eva Åkerman, PhD, Public Health Specialist, Maria Persson, Master in Global Health. 


Processing of personal data

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of this study in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The legal entity responsible for processing of your personal data is Karolinska Institutet. The Data Protection Officer can be reached at The data will be analyzed on a group level, handled confidentially and it will be stored in a secure database at Karolinska Institutet. You can terminate your participation in the study at any time.