About KI News

News articles about KI’s research, doctoral education and education programmes is published on KI News, as well as news that reflects the organisation in general. KI News welcomes tips – provided below are guidelines for those who wish to provide tips.

KI News publishing guidelines

The newsworthiness of tips and events are assessed by the editor based on the following criteria:

  • It is a current event that concerns KI as a whole, such as a Nobel lecture or open meeting of some sort. 
  • It is a current topic that concerns KI as a whole, such as strategic decisions by the university management or recent events in the outside world affecting KI as an organisation. 
  • Strategic funding, such as grants from the Swedish Research Council, the EU or major funding from private financiers.
  • Prizes and awards, primarily those administrated by KI, but also some prominent awards from other organisations to KI co-workers.
  • News about scientific articles from KI, according to our selection criteria: media launch of scientific work.
  • Events and people at KI that reflect the university as a workplace and study environment.

A guide for prospective tipsters

When you contact KI News, please include the reasons why what your tip is interesting and relevant, the names of people who can tell us more (preferably with contact details), and a supporting text that answers the following questions:

  • What has happened/will be happening?
  • When?
  • For whom is it important/who does it affect?
  • How is it happening (seminar, meeting, event)?
  • Why is it important?

Contact channels


For current KI-wide events or changes, strategic funding, and prizes and awards, email: news@ki.se

News about scientific publications

Tips, advice and criteria for communicating your research results. Contact with research communicators and tips about press releases pressinfo@ki.se

News about doctoral theses

Tips, advice and criteria for communicating your doctoral thesis. Send an email to both the press office pressinfo@ki.se and our popular science magazine, Medicinsk Vetenskap, medicinskvetenskap@ki.se

News from the departments

Contact your department's editor-in-chief for their assessment of the tip. Please use the guide above when contacting the editor-in-chief. 

Calendar events

Do you wish to publish calendar events, such as a public thesis defence or seminar? Contact your local editor-in-chief.

If the event is of interest to most of KI's employees and may be interesting to highlight on the Staff portal, send your tip to news@ki.se for an assessment.

Advertise for research subjects

The department's editor-in-chief also helps with advertising on the Research subjects wanted page. For instructions on how to advertise, see the Staff Portal.

Social Media

Do you have questions about social media? Contact: socialmedia@ki.se

The Press Office

Does the matter in question relate to journalists/media outside of KI? Contact the press hotline at telephone number 08-524 860 77 or via pressinfo@ki.se